Would You Like to Know Jesus as Those Closest to Him Did?

A Biography of Jesus by Henry Harris
Son of Man is an honest-to-Bible account of Jesus and the world he lived in. Two things make this biography unique:

  • First, it arranges the Gospel story chronologically to help the reader see how, and maybe more importantly, why things unfolded as they did.
  • Second, it tells Jesus's story in the context of his culture. The geography, climate, politics, racism, social norms, religion, traditions, economics, morality, language, and customs of the second temple era play key roles in the story.

What emerges is a holistic, historically accurate dramatization that provides a 360-degree view of Jesus and his world.

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Christian author Henry H Harris wrote Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus

About the Author: Henry H Harris

Henry has been an apprentice of Jesus for more than forty years and a church planting pastor for the past three decades. Many in today’s world are confused about what it means to be an apprentice of Christ–Henry demystifies the discipleship process and helps people understand how we can become more like Jesus.

What People Are Saying

TONY LISTON,pastor, Adventure Christian Community, Davenport, Iowa

“Takes complex events in the life of Jesus and explains them in the same simple way Jesus often explained complex events to the people of His own day. Easy to pick up. Hard to set down.”

RICK LAWRENSON,pastor of Nags Head Church, Nags Head, North Carolina

“A marvelous job of pulling together the Gospel accounts, adding both commentary and color… As a pastor, I can see giving out copies to new converts and seekers, letting Jesus’s life story kindle in them a desire to discover more in the treasure chest that is the Bible.”

ED TAYLOR,pastor of Quest Church, Arlington Heights, Illinois

“Son of Man is grounded in the Gospels and bolstered by just the right amount of cultural context… a great read for the beginner who desires a fuller, more chronological account, but also for the veteran who wishes to see the story with fresh eyes.”

CARMEN K,Amazon reviewer

“Jesus is presented as wholly human and yet His deity is always evident - there is a wonderful balance between the two. A great feature was the Bible verse list at the end.
Broaden your view of Jesus with this chronological perspective of His passage on Earth. Highly recommended! ”

Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus

If you are a student of Jesus's life and times, or a follower of Jesus and his teachings, you will find yourself looking at Jesus with new eyes and new understanding. And you will gain a greater appreciation for what it must have taken for Jesus to do what he did: embody the Son of God in the Son of Man.

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