God and magick

What do God's word and magick mean in the lives of Christians?

One of humankind’s most treasured beliefs is that the universe runs according to basic mechanical principles that we can learn to use to our advantage. The ancient name for this belief is magick. These days it is known as either black magic or white magic, and Christians are especially susceptible to the latter. Many of us have been persuaded that the Bible contains formulas that we can use to improve our lives. That if we mix certain ingredients in certain proportions, we will get to do what we want, how we want, when we want.

If you believe that, you believe in magick.

Hearing God


Have you ever prayed to God about something you really needed an answer for, something important, but heard no answer? Our tendency during such times is to think God is not speaking to us, but what I’ve learned is that most of the time the problem is on my end. All parents are familiar with the concept of selective hearing, but I’ve found this sometimes describes my relationship with God as well. When I suffer from spiritual deafness, I’ve found two simple questions that help me get unstuck:

When it’s time for a change…


Think back to the last big decision you had to make. Perhaps you have recently been engaged or married or divorced. Maybe you weathered a financial crisis or made a career change or had to redefine a relationship with a loved one. Do you remember how you felt while you were deciding what to do? For most of us, decision time is uncomfortable because we know that regardless of the choice we make, there will be consequences.